Graphic & Digital Design


Thank you for spending some time with my portfolio. I’ve been working as a freelance designer since 2006. My latest endeavors involve co-founding a micro publishing company called Pochino Press. My focus there has been managing the design and production of book and zine publications.

I strive for modern, clean, unobtrusive design with an emphasis on details that complete rather than overpower the main story of each piece I create. I work with a lot of amazing artists and writers and when I layout their work, I want to make sure their voices shine through. I truly enjoy the process of starting at an idea, forming a concept, and seeing it through to implementation. In my freelance work with clients, I stress these beginning stages, before I ever touch any software. It’s been amazing to witness the development of these projects from beginning to end. For all the work in my portfolio, I was the principle or sole designer. I also highly value working in teams, especially for those who are striving to positively impact people and the planet.

How can I help you? Together we can give your story the it the attention it deserves.

My Resume